WinSnap 一直是我個人最喜歡用,也用的最順手的一款抓圖軟體,趁著它推出了新版本之際推薦給大家使用,

WinSnap 是一款好用的螢幕抓圖軟體,能夠讓您得心應手地抓到需要的螢幕截圖。抓圖像方式靈活,
主要可以抓整個螢幕、活動視窗、選定區域等,圖像輸出方式 多樣,主要包括檔案、剪貼簿、和郵件。

軟體具有設置抓圖前延時、自定義抓圖熱鍵、圖像檔案自動按時間或模板命名、抓圖成功聲音提示、預覽抓圖、圖像列 印、

WinSnap v2.0 was especially designed for capturing the new Windows Vista UI. It can handle all possible issues
with translucent window frames and rounded corners. WinSnap can draw a drop shadow effect that is very similar to the Aero theme.

Now shadows are semi-transparent! This function allows very easy image compositing, and is particularly useful when placing screenshots on multi-color backgrounds.
There is one PNG image with alpha transparency placed on 2 different backgrounds:

WinSnap v2.0 allows you to simultaneously select and capture multiple objects (e.g. windows, dialogs, buttons and controls).
A few windows can be placed on the screen and easily combined into one screenshot image.
You can quickly open screenshots in your favorite image editor using the Tools menu or shortcut keys.
This feature also allows you to automatically save images into different directories and in different formats.


◎.程式下載 : http://adf.ly/7VXb



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